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Character AI Template Example and How to Use

Character AI Template Example and How to Use It in Character Creation

Character AI Template is a document that provides a framework for creating AI characters for your story, game, or other creative project.

And in Character AI definition template, we can include information about the character’s appearance, personality, backstory, relationships, and dialogue.

Character AI Template Example and How to Use

But only the advanced character creation’s definition allows us to add a template script, and it comes with some inherent complexity.

That’s why we’re here to make it easy with the best Character AI template example, and how to use it in character creation.

What is Character AI Template?

CharacterAI Definition template is a structured document used to outline the character’s appearance, temperament, personal history, interpersonal connections, and conversational style of an artificial intelligence entity in advanced character creation.

So you can say that these templates prove versatile, extending to the creation of a diverse range of characters, whether they hail from fiction, history, or even the realm of celebrity.

Key Benefits:

Do you know that engaging with Character AI templates brings forth several advantages including:

  • Efficiency and Ease: They streamline the character creation, sparing you valuable time and energy.
  • Holistic Characterization: By leveraging templates, you’re poised to forge characters with well-rounded identities, complete with a compelling backstory and authentic personality.
  • Fostering Ingenuity: Templates serve as fertile ground for germinating fresh and captivating character concepts, sparking the birth of intriguing new personas.

Because the templates assist you in creating meaningful connections between characters, like romantic relationships, friendships, rivalries, or conflicts.

How to Use Character AI Template

Metode 1:

If you have not yet created any characters, start by following these quick character-creation steps:

1. Visit Beta.Character.AI and log into your account, then click on the “+Create” button floating on the right side.

2. Now select “Create a Character” and fill out the character’s name, greeting, and a short description. You can skip the long description for now if you prefer.

3. Now it’s time to advance character creation when you can use Template code. To start the process, click on “Edit Details (Advanced)” at the bottom as highlighted in the screenshot.

4. After scrolling down a little bit, you can see the “Definition Visibility” section, where you can select either Public: Anyone can chat and view your character, or Private: Only you can view.

5. In the “Definition (Advanced)” section, you are allowed to insert pre-made chat and example messages. If you’d like to use the provided template script below, simply copy and paste it here.

6. Now save your character and enjoy the process of bringing them to life!

Methode 2:

If you want to use these character ai personality templates in your pre-made character. Then follow these steps:

1. Open the character and click on the three dots on the right top. From the pop-up menu select “view character settings”.

2. Now you will land on the “Edit Details (Advanced)” page, after a little bit of scrolling down you can see the “Definition Visibility” and “Definition (Advanced)” sections.

3. Now follow the 4, 5, and 6 Steps mentioned in “Methode 1”.

Now, before delving into the Character AI template script examples, let’s explore how you can craft your own distinctive one by simply applying the following guidelines.

Character AI Template Cration Tips

I hope you know that creating a character AI template involves specifying various attributes and behaviors that you want the AI to emulate.

But for your convenience, based on a post on CharacterAI, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a Character AI template with examples:

First of all, define the Character’s Name and Nickname:


  • Name: Alexandra Turner
  • Nickname: Alex

Next, establish the Character’s Occupation and Company:


  • Occupation: Marketing Strategist
  • Company: Innovate Marketing Solutions

Then identify the Main Goals and Responsibilities:


  • Main Goals:
    • Brand Development
    • Marketing Strategy Planning
    • Client Relationship Management

Determine the Character’s Personality Traits:


  • Personality Traits:
    • Analytical
    • Creative
    • Detail-oriented

Describe the Physical Appearance:


  • Physical Description:
    • Slender build
    • Shoulder-length brown hair
    • Professional attire (e.g., blazers, pencil skirts)

Create Sample Responses for Different Situations:


Common Responses while being Friendly:
– “Hey there, how’s it going?”
– “I’m always up for a good idea!”

Outgoing Responses:
– “What can I do for you today?”
– “Isn’t it a fantastic day?”

Professional Responses:
– “How can I assist with your marketing needs today?”

Establish Priorities in Responses: Set the rule that logic will always dictate the character’s answers over emotions.

Use Delimiters for Specific References: Employ {curly braces} to define exact references for parameters, such as name, nickname, and job functions.

Utilize Brackets for Memory Blocks: Use [brackets] to provide a memory block of AI logic for specific situations or responses. Avoid overloading brackets to prevent confusion.

Provide Contextual Guidelines: Specify how the character responds in different emotional states (e.g., analytical, creative, detail-oriented).

Be Specific and Avoid Ambiguity: Make sure your descriptions are clear and distinct to avoid confusing the AI.

Now, I hope you understand how you can write a definition template in for your character.

So, let’s explore one exemplary example that will assist you in kickstarting your journey to create a C.AI template.

Character AI Template Example

Following the above guide I have written below template and you can copy and past it into the Definition(Advanced) section as shown in the below image:

It is just an imaginary Character ai personality template description, so before using it:

As you can observe, this is a template with a proper description. Now if you require a raw template without any accompanying description, you can refer to the post on Reddit.

Now, if you’re ready to write a template, take a moment to read the following limitations that can help you in its creation.

Character AI Definition Template: Limitations

While the CharacterAI’s Character Definition Template offers a structured approach to defining characters, it also has its limitations:

1. Insufficient Contextual Guidance: The template may not provide sufficient guidance on how to contextualize a character within the narrative or world-building. Because the definition’s characters limit is 32000.

5. Limitations in Representing Diversity: The template’s predefined sections may not encompass the full range of diverse identities, backgrounds, and experiences that characters can possess.

3. Subjectivity in Interpretation: The interpretation of the template’s sections and prompts is subjective, leading to variations in how different users perceive and utilize it.

This subjectivity may introduce inconsistencies or miscommunications when discussing or collaborating on character.

So, It is important to recognize these limitations and adapt the template accordingly.

Final Words: The template can serve as a helpful starting point but should not be seen as a definitive or exhaustive tool for character creation.

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