The Steelers versus Cardinals game faced two delays due to bad weather before Arizona secured a 24-10 victory.

In Pittsburgh, the clash between the Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers unfolded amidst tumultuous weather, causing two disruptive delays during the Cardinals' eventual 24-10 triumph on Sunday.

The halftime at Acrisure Stadium stretched beyond 30 minutes due to an intense bout of heavy wind and rain hitting Pittsburgh. The game faced a second delay lasting almost an hour, occurring as the Cardinals held a 17-3 lead midway through the third quarter.

During the breaks, Pittsburgh treated them akin to extended halftime periods. Players worked to stay warm, while coaches strategized adjustments for both offensive and defensive plays.

In contrast, the Cardinals shared their unique approach by participating in a lively dance-off, infusing energy while fine-tuning their strategy to secure what would be only their third victory of the season.

"The energy in the locker room during both delays was really positive," remarked first-year Arizona coach Jonathan Gannon. "The team showed great detail and focus on what we aimed to accomplish when we returned to the field. They handled the situation admirably. Despite the interruptions, they were consistently ready to play each time we walked out of the locker room tonight."